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​Nucl. 4000 - Nuclear Lab (undergrad. lvl. - 1 cr.) Offered yearly, Fall Semesters
In the Nuclear Laboratory, students will gain hands-on experience studying the fundamental interactions and detection of radionuclides. Emphasis will be placed on learning and exercising skills and practices typical of a nuclear/radiation laboratory.

Nucl. 6030 - Radiation Interactions (grad. lvl. - 3 cr.) Offered yearly, Fall Semesters

This course will provide students with a fundamental understanding of basic principles covering the modern theory of the atomic and nucleus structure, quantum description of nuclear processes, interactions of radiation with matter, and radioactive decay. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding the scattering and attenuation of neutrons, photons, and charge particles.

Nucl. 7100 - Radiation Detection and Lab (grad. lvl. - 4 cr.) Offered yearly, Spring Semesters
This course will primarily be a hands-on laboratory study of radiation detectors, associated physics, and techniques with classroom instruction. The focus of the course is on the physical principles, characteristics, operation, and application of radiation detectors, and the understanding and manipulation of their electrical signals, along with knowledge of spectroscopic outputs. The lessons of this course will explore, down to the fundamental level, the generation of a signal within various detector types, propagation and manipulation of the signal by analog methods, and the analog-to-digital conversion and subsequent signal processing.

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